How to Win at Slots

Playing real money slots it is important to know how to win at slot machines, by increasing your odds. It is well known that the house does have the edge in slot games and that is how they make their money, but with knowledge you can reduce the house odds and dramatically increase your chances to win. Follow along below and follow our 5 step process on how to win at casino slots, and enjoy the new free slot game.

  • 1) Choose a Reputable Casino

    The number one slot machine tip is to pick the right casino, that is 100% safe and secure with a good name to back it up. When you want to play real money casino slots and win this is first and foremost, the casino's that we recommend in this website are the best picks for online and mobile casinos to play at. Online casinos are better than land based and especially Vegas if you want to win simply because the odds are better, much better. Get easy ways to make instant deposits and the fastest casino payouts, and if something goes wrong - customer support that is fantastic. Choosing the right online casino will ensure that your money is safe and that you get paid when you win. The best online casinos also have slots bonuses that will double your first deposit plus give you free spins on popular slot machines. Take advantage of the free bonus and tip the odds in your favor right off the bat.

  • 2) Select The Best Slot Machines To Play

    While some people look at the odds for certain casino's, it is actually the individual casino games that set the payout odds. By choosing the best slot machines to play for real money you are looking at payout percentages. Find the payout percentage in the games paytable or help screen. The higher the payout percentage the better your odds are of winning and the lower the house edge, stick to games with a payout above 95%. Published payout ratios are for long term odds based on random number generators, the odds in your time frame can be quite different due to variance. Variance. is how often the game wins and what proportion is returned to player vs. kept for larger long term jackpots. Jackpot slots often reduce the return to player by 5-10% and should be avoided. High Limit players like 3 reel slots because of the limited combinations and likely hood of a much larger payout in a shorter period of time.

  • 3) Learn How To Play The Game

    Learning how to win at slots dictates that you must learn how to play the game you are going to win on. Playing free slots is an excellent way to learn how to play the slot machine before real money is at stake. Things to look for are: what bet sizes are there?, what is the payout ratio?, is there a jackpot?, what decisions do you need to make in bonus games? and the general feel of the game and what all the buttons do. Learn to play the Dracula slot machine below for free, it is made by NetEnt and has a payout ratio of 96.6%

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  • 4) Bet The Right Amount

    Having the right strategy for your bankroll and betting the right amount will help you last longer and increase your chances of a large win. The average player makes 600 spins per hour on a slot machine or 10 per minute. At a quarter per spin thats $150 bet per hour and with the game above at a 96.6% return to player that works out to a loss of $5.10 per hour on average. Thats not a lot but the idea is that you should have a $150 bankroll to bet this much, and you will be in your comfort zone. Max bets are often used with a sweetener to offer a higher payout and should be taken advantage of to increase your chances. Use a lower coin value to make a maximum bet that you are comfortable with.

  • 5) Quit When You Are Ahead

    When you play most of the modern video slots there are bonus games in them that might take a while to chase down but when you win these bonus rounds often pay handsomely and the machine will be spitting out coins. When you get a big win that is out sized compared to the amount you put in it cash in your win and enjoy it now that you have learned how to win at casino slots.


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